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At the beginning of 2017, Kristen and Jenna met in an online feminine wholeness Facebook group. They quickly realized that they were both from Southern California, Registered Nurses, and like-minded in their vision for women. Together they created this space for women to become educated and supported through their postpartum journey. As Kristen likes to say, Jenna is her best online dating success story yet. 

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My journey in women's health began on a trip I took in college to Ecuador where I assisted a team of surgeons to treat women who needed gynecological surgeries, many of whom had suffered childbirth injuries. I was drawn to the complexities of the health journey a woman takes especially through childbirth and decided to pursue my work as a registered nurse in the area of mother/baby. I became an international board certified lactation consultant in 2014, receiving my license the same day I went into labor with my daughter. 

As a postpartum nurse and lactation consultant I had helped navigate the vulnerable new season of parenthood with many families, but I was not prepared for the ways a NICU stay, a childbirth injury, and losing my father-in-law would leave me feeling completely lost in the 4th trimester. 

Through my experience of rehabbing from a childbirth injury, seeing a therapist, and discovering the way I could use essential oils to safely support the health of my family, I became more aware of the complex and holistic approach to health that is needed for women and families in the postpartum period. 

I hope to hold space for, and give insight into, this sacred and scary time for other women as I continue to journey alongside them towards my own wholeness as a woman and mother. 



Bachelors of Science in Nursing

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 

Healing Touch Level 1 Certified 




I am so glad you are here. 

My hope is to show you a path to health that has really been inside you all along. It is time to put away the things that no longer serve us and enter into a place of wholeness that is celebrated by other women.


Although I have an extensive background in the medical field and a vast knowledge of the science that it is rooted in, I believe that true postpartum health is more encompassing of holistic principles that positively affect body, mind, and soul. My passion for women has guided my education and I am so excited to share that with you.


Personally, I am mom to the sweetest little boys I could have ever been gifted with. They are my joy, my breath, my motivation. My journey in motherhood has opened up so much space to learn about myself, and about the world...to struggle, and to love in a way I never could have imagined. 


The things that light me up are great coffee, yoga, hip hop classes (yes, this white girl likes to get her twerk on), hearing people's stories, and sharing my latest dating escapades with anyone who will listen. 



Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse

Masters of Science in Nursing

Dr. Sears Perinatal Health Coach